Bradley 3 Ranch's Annual Angus & Charolais Bull Sale

The Wide Body Sale

February 11, 2017
At the ranch • East of Estelline, Texas
Selling 200+ Angus bulls and a great group of B3R Charolais bulls!
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Let's Talk B3R Charolais Bulls

Why did we add Charolais genetics at the Bradley 3 Ranch? They make a great cross on Angus cattle and, simply put, they just work for the beef industry. Charolais have proven themselves to grow efficiently, perform well in the feedyard and hang a heavy carcass with more salable product.

In 2009, we took the plunge and got into the Charolais business. We expect the same high level of productivity from our Charolais cows, just like our Angus cows. Open cows or cows that don't bring in a calf at weaning time are culled. Any cows with bad feet or udders are also culled. The Charolais cows have their own ranch in Donley County, Texas, where it is drier with a higher elevation, and are expected to make the forage work.

We run Charolais bulls on the cows, so temperament is very important! We collect birth, weaning and yearling weights on the Charolais bull calves. Bulls are also grass gain tested and ultrasound data is collected.

We are members of the American-International Charolais Association and utilize their whole herd inventory-reporting system. All Charolais bulls are registered and buyers will receive registration papers after purchase. All 2017 Charolais sale bulls will have complete DNA information.

We hope you'll join us February 11 and appraise our elite Charolais bull offering. For customers looking to add the benefits of cross breeding, and specifically the highly sought after Angus-Charolais genetics, we've got you covered.

Angus Bulls Selling

Charolais Bulls Selling

lot 1 Lot 1 • B3R C025 Texas Dinero A029
lot 17 Lot 17 • B3R C002 Tactical 0203
lot 22 Lot 22 • B3R C392 Ledger Y020
lot 23 Lot 23 • B3R C021 Blanco STD 3472U13
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