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Cattle that work
as hard as you.

Tradition Meets Innovation.

At Bradley 3 Ranch, we pride ourselves on our cattle's superior genetics, stemming from strong maternal lines, generations of selective breeding, and innovative practices. Our cattle are self-sufficient and able to thrive in the most demanding environments. The hardiness of our stock is not just about physical endurance, but adaptability, resilience, and efficiency.

Whether you are buying cows or bulls, choosing cattle from Bradley 3 Ranch means investing in a legacy of genetic excellence and sustainable ranching.

Increase Your Herd Performance.

We're on a mission to help ranch and cattle operations of all sizes increase the performance and output of their herds with genetics that drive more net return with less input.

Optimum Performance

Bigger isn't always better. Our cows are the optimum size for calving and weaning ease in any condition.

Beyond EPDs

We make data-driven decisions, looking at weight measurements, gain on grass, along with EPD and pedigree.

Less is More

Our cattle thrive in any condition from the toughest, with minimal forage and hard weather, to the best.

Cows that Last

We have high expectations for our cows, from shorter breeding seasons to generational longevity.

What Our Customers Say

Upholding a Legacy of Quality.

Just as we are accountable for our ranch's success, we are committed to the impact of our cattle's behavior, genetics, and abilities on our herd's quality and prosperity.

By diligently managing these factors, we ensure our cattle uphold the standards of the Bradley 3 Ranch brand.

  • #10 of 40 original Certified Angus Beef painted barn
  • 2021 CAB Sustainability Award
  • 2023 Oklahoma Cattlemen Carcass Contest Winner
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